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Darian T.

When Brenda guided me in this practice I was nervous but then I was feeling free in my perfect body without any reservations. Brenda’s calm voice and nurturing energy was just what I needed. Thank you Brenda.


Kathy E.

Brenda is great at making you feel comfortable, calm and relaxed during a Yoga Nidra session.

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Cary C.

Brenda has a wonderful spirit, welcoming smile, and a beautiful soul. Always makes me feel special and I love her positive attitude. XXXOOO


April S.

Brenda really surprised me with the healing of Yoga Nidra. I was able to relax my body and busy mind and totally embrace being able to submit to letting go and actually falling asleep, yet still in tune with my surroundings. Brenda provides a calm, safe, and therapeutic session that took my anxiety and stress away. I look forward to another session.


Diane S.

I felt relaxed, calm, and in a better state of mind. After the session, I felt I was able to control my well being from being stressed prior to the session.

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Joyce B.

I had the honor of experiencing my first ever Yoga Nidra Class under the leadership of Brenda Gregorio-Kiba last year. She exhibits a strong knowledge base of her practice. She has been practicing various forms of yoga for a number of years. She is very patient and thoughtful as she leads participants into a deep relaxation of their entire body. Yoga Nidra can help ease not only physical pain, but also mental stress. If is readily available to anyone. There are no structural poses, just meditative relaxation.

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Cora M.

Experiencing Yoga Nidra with Brenda Gregorio-Kiba gave me the ability to let go of the craziness of my day and focus on me. Her gentle guidance and soothing voice helped my mind and my body surrender into a deep relaxation state. I was able to sleep deeply and restful. In addition, I felt a total release of tension and anxiety during the evening after our session. I can't wait to experience another session of Yoga Nidra.

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Michael P.

Brenda guided me thru a Yoga Nidra session that really helped me let go of my stress and anxiety, and I was finally able to have a restful night's sleep. The next morning, instead of waking up already tired and wondering how to get through the day, I woke up energized, relaxed, and eager to start my day. So, I know 100% that this works because I felt the difference.

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