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Yoga Nidra is a unique practice that combines deep relaxation with attentive awareness in order to explore parts of wakefulness, dreams, and deep sleep.  Yoga Nidra is often referred to as Yogi Sleep.  The practice offers a way of putting the mind and body at ease and into the state of Yoga Nidra (Yogi Sleep) while ones' awareness remains alert.

The practice of Yoga Nidra does not require one to engage in physical poses or even reflect stamina or flexibility.  The student of Yoga Nidra can either sit (one is propped up securely as to not fall over while in the state of Yoga Nidra) or lay down whichever form brings the student deep relaxation and the ability to enjoy tranquility.  This practice will often promote joy, good spirits, and assists in ridding oneself of daily stresses, anxiety and the source of fear. The ability to “let go” as well as “surrender oneself” by quieting the mind and relaxing the body is a wonderful experience.

Sessions held normally last between forty-five minutes to an hour depending on the individual(s). Most importantly, the student(s) of Yoga Nidra must show the willingness to trust the Instructor and oneself. Once relaxation takes place, the universe will open your eyes to a beautiful practice.

Props needed:

  • Yoga mat, blanket to lay on or a meditation pillow

  • Pillow, rolled towel or yoga bolster for under your knees to support your lower back

  • Eye pillow or a folded towel


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Yoga Nidra

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